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How many words are used for metal hinges, polishing machines, needle grinding machines

A metal button is a device used to connect two or more objects, usually used to connect doors, windows, boxes, cabinets, machines, etc. It consists of two pieces of metal, one fixed to the object and the other rotatable. The two are connected together through a hinge shaft.

Metal hinges are usually made of metal, such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum, etc., to ensure their durability and durability. Hino is usually fixed at the edge or angle of an object to allow it to rotate or sway freely while maintaining stability.

The various types and specifications of metal grooves usually depend on different applications and the need to choose different types and specifications. For example, there are regular buttons, buttons, hidden buttons, etc. All types of buttons have special benefits and advantages.

The gate valve uses a magnetic cleaning device to remove burrs
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Polishing effect diagram of stainless steel parts
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