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The gate valve uses a magnetic cleaning device to remove burrs

A gate valve is a valve used to cut off the flow of medium. It has a simple structure and reliable sealing, usually consisting of a valve body, valve seat, valve stem, gate plate, etc. The gate valve plate is a rectangular or parallel metal plate that can be directly placed in the fluid channel and controlled to move up and down through the valve stem, To achieve cutting and media control.

Compared to traditional polishing machines, the advantages of magnetic cleaning equipment for gate valves are:
Compared with other polishing equipment such as cloth wheel polishing machines, magnetic cleaning equipment can process workpiece polishing in batches. After polishing, the screen and steel needle can be separated in series, greatly improving work efficiency and polishing efficiency.
The magnetic cleaning equipment is designed for dead corners such as small hardware and small jewelry, and the inner hole treatment effect is very good. It can achieve dust removal, deburring, improving product surface brightness, and removing surface oxide layers, which are incomparable features of other types of polishing equipment.
The magnetic cleaning equipment is easy to operate and can be operated by one person simultaneously, saving costs.
The magnetic cleaning equipment uses polishing fluid and steel needles, combined with tap water suitable for batch polishing of workpieces. The wastewater is acid-free and easy to treat.

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